In 2005 my father sold the farm. The farm my grandparent's bought in the 1937 and where their twelve children, including my father, were born and raised. The farm my father and mother began to work in 1966. The farm I grew up on and left more than 25 years ago.

The year before the sale I visited my father and asked him how he felt about the sale of the land where he was born and had worked for so many years. He responded in the only way he knew how,

"This will be the first year in 37 I didn't plant a crop."

As I considered the sale of the land I grew-up on and the need to reconcile my own feelings about the sale of my childhood home what emerged was a desire to create a body of work that memorialized and honoured my father's lifework. warehouse is my attempt to do this.

I am grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for its financial support of this work.