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Belleville Groovy
Belleville Groovy
found fabric, embroidery floss, braid
38" x 50"

One third of our life is spent in bed, lying on a mattress. It is on a mattress where life is oft-times conceived and where it may end. It is where we rejuvenate and convalesce. A mattress is both the storehouse of our dreams and the site of our nightmares.

fragments is a project I started in 1996 when I began collecting fabric from mattresses left at the curb on garbage day. All that is known about the fabric is where and when it was collected. This uncertain provenance invites the viewer to contemplate the history, real or imagined, of each fragment.

photo: Lawrence Cook

Thanks to the management and staff at Mattress Mart Kingston and Belleville for their help in the creation of this work.