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The Rent Sheet (detail)
The Rent Sheet (detail)
cotton, cotton bed sheets, rep weave
17" x 241"

While preparing the materials for weaving I found there was a physicality in the process I hadn’t anticipated.

The Rent Sheet was a performance born from this physicality in which my partner Grant and I ritually tore the bed sheets we both purged prior to moving in together.

The sheets, once torn into strips are rolled into balls becoming the tangible artifacts of our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our struggles, our passions.

The Rent Sheet considers the ongoing acquisition and attrition of objects as we move through our lives, how we acknowledge, ignore, or shed the past and the choices, compromises, and sometimes demands, we make of each other when we choose to share our lives and make a home with another person.

This cloth is woven using bed sheets torn during a staging of the performance.

photo: Shelby Lisk